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 As Always Miche knows that we want that special shell every year that  makes us  love the Holidays even more.  Well this  year is no exception.  The  Miche  2013  Winter Shell for the Holidays is   VIXEN… comes in all 4  Sizes and will be  Available  Nov 1st  at WWW.JackisBagBoutique.miche.com.  Order  Earl as these are always  collectible and sell out quickly.



VIXEN- Prima $44.95


VIXEN- Demi $39.95


VIXEN-Classic (Pullover) $29.95












VIXEN- Petite (Pullover) $18.95













ORDER EARLY….  they sell out  quickly and  you don’t want to miss this opportunity to own one or more of these  great  Shells!  Give one as a Gift?


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Posted by on Oct 24, 2013

Over 30 new Items. Gorgeous New Jewelry, Hipsters, Handles and Straps!!! WWW.JackisBagBoutique.miche,com for all your MICHE Needs

JEWELRY- Cuffs, earrings, bracelets, signature pieces that will take your breath away!

NEW HANDLES~~~  New Straps….  matching gets  easier and easier

Hipsters-  the very popular  Day bags  for chic simple gotta go lifestyles

Greens,  Blue-Violets, Oxblood,  Bling,  Creams,

All Sizes!!!

Stay Tuned… it’s our Best  Season Yet!!!


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HUGE SALE ON RETIRED MICHE SHELLS- 30% -75% off (Miche Mansion only)

Posted by on Sep 24, 2013

Hi everyone-  sorry I have been remiss in getting  on the blog site for awhile and I am so excited to tell you that I now have completed a thorough inventory of all the items I have in the Miche Mansion here on my property and boy have I got some sales for you !!!!  Let’s  just  say if you want it  chances are I have it.  Lets start with some of the ones I know were very popular when they were released.  I will list  new ones every few days, and if you don’t see what you want  email me and ask!

Here is how you have to order however;  since these are  NOT on  WEB Site  I hold from Miche,  these are my private inventory from when I was a Distributor, over  $20,000 at one time.  SO in order to make this work for all.  Here is the process you need to use when you see one that you want.

Email me at:  MATLGAL@AOL.COM

Name of the Shell and Size  you want

Your Contact Information, email and  preferred Phone number

Qty you want

Ship to address


I will verify I have it

I will Call you for Credit Card Info  (Please do not email that info). I accept  MC, Visa and Discover.  Sorry no AMEX.

I will get your Ship to information, Pull the item(s)  weigh it, and prepare it for UPS Ground Shipment.  Upon approval for all charges (Cost of item(s), and Shipping  UPS Ground, no Sales Tax applies unless in  Calif. I will ship your items the next   business day.

It’s  while supplies last- some items I only have  1 or 2 of, others I have  a Dozen or more.  When they are gone they are gone.


I cannot  hold product

Payment is needed at time of purchase

I look forward to helping you find those  long lost shells that you missed out on and can now  have or surprise someone with as a gift.  The Holidays are coming so get your gift list  done at a huge  discounted price.


Thank you as always for your continued support and loyalty.



 A Few Classics:

The Very Popular Patriotic Shells that Miche releases each June sell out so fast,. I was able to order a few Extra and this “Americana Classic” is one of them. Reg $29.95 on Sale for you at: $20.97 + Shipping. Please ref: Americana Classic.

Beautiful and Sassy “Cinthia” Classic was a big seller in her Pewter/Silver Faux leather with a sassy front ruffle. Reg. $29.95 on Sale $14.98. Reference Cinthia Classic.















This beauty is a Deep rich Red with Black trim, perfect for the holidays that are approaching. “Claire” is just gorgeous and she was Regularly $29.95 on Sale now for $14.98.

Here was one that you all loved- All you Jeans wearer’s here she is Miss “Deniece” a pull over classic Shell in Deeeeeep Deeeeep Denim blue with a faux ostrich texture top trim. Deniece is a Classic Pull over shell that gives you those great Side Pockets you love so much On Sale for 50% off at $12.48 ea.

















Dawn- a beautiful treat for Fall- in a deep Caramel color with silver trim…she will enhance every fall ensemble you have! REG $34.95 on Sale for $ 17.48

Edgy Miss “Joella” was such a hit since she followed in her sisters footsteps (Lexi prima, and Jayma Classic and Sarah Petite) gorgeous candy apple red trim, with Faux Giraffe pattern makes this little beauty edgy, sassy and fun! Make your statement with her for only $$19.98















Hey Wild Thang… take a look at “LISA” a faux patent leopard in gorgeous bronzed and black and brown tones… she was a huge hit and I over bought because I loved her so much! Have a few for you to walk through this winter with at 50% off at $19.98

“Sharon” Winter white and ruffles…what more do you need for almost every outfit? I have a few for you at 50% off at $17.48

















Who doesn’t love Black and White? Melanie was a Huge Hit with our Prima fans. She is gorgeous and 50% off at $ 19.98

Oakley- Remember her? She was my very first Miche bag. Have a soft spot in my heart for her and still use her Frequently! Oakley is a pewter color with soft soft gathering/pleats with Black trim. A must have for all your Fall and Winter looks. $19.98 (Long shoulder strap is also available on sale- “Quick Clip strap is $9.95 reg. $14.95














Razzzzberries in the fall? sure why not! Dress it up, stay alive with “Robie” she is so pretty with her Raspberry pink and cream trim… a Prima-dona for sure. On Sale for $19.98

Ohhhhhhhhh remember Shawna? the most gorgeous Black you’ve ever seen with silver trim. Sold so many of these! your Basic black is anything but basic with her, but if your looking for the perfect black fall bag this Prima Shawna is for you. On Sale for $27.95














“Cindy” just like her big Sis “Cinthia” she is that beautiful Pewter color with cute ruffle in the petite size On Sale $7.00

Our “HOPE” Shells are always well sought after and the Red/Black was no exception. As always sales of the HOPE Products go to the Jon Huntsman Cancer Center. I will donate 100% from the sale of these to them from my excess inventory./ On sale for you at $9.00













Love Devyn- so cute in the Pink and Green Cammy design, pull over Petite shell is a half to have for the fun days with the girls ! on sale $9.00

Holiday’s require small dinner bags, and the Petite is perfect for day or night, just change the shell to fit the occasion! This gold metallic is called MANDI, also available in Silver and Bronze… On Sale $9.00 great to have for the Marine Corp Ball, Prom, Homecomings, weddings, etc…. Base is available also at the Miche Mansion $21.95. Long handle if you choose a 48″ cross body type for $5.95 works on all Petite bases.





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RACHEL Urban Shell – Tote/Backpack Prima shell

Posted by on Jul 1, 2013

The brand new July release for the Rachel Urban shell has already got her on Sold out and retire status.  I have 3  that I can sell that I bought extra.  First come first serve.


She is gorgeous, she has her own matching “Adjustable” handles, gorgeous for back to school, travel, Book back or laptop bag.  Light weight.and only  $44.95 (Plus Tax and Shipping)

Email me at  MATLGAL@aol.com and I will get you price and delivery information.




Isn’t she gorgeous!!!  don’t miss your chance to own her.  They only come out with these every once in awhile.  Once they are gone they are gone.



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Miche is Celebrating their 6th Anniversary and YOU get all the Presents!

Posted by on Jul 1, 2013

Miche wants to say thank you for  6  incredible years!  They are being so generous and are offering  Shell Bundles for each size! at  a huge savings.

How it works.

  • It starts  Monday July 1st and Ends  July  14th at  Midnight MST
  • These are SHELL ONLY  bundles  no base included
  • Pick 4  from the 10 items that are offered,  Must be the same size, no substitutions and no Exchanges or returns  (unless defective)
  • Supplies are Limited
  • Shop early for gifts, try a new size, Birthday gifts etc.
  • Must  be purchased online at: http://JackisBagBoutique.Miche.com
  • Tax and Shipping will apply




Pick any 4 Classic Shells for $55.00

Classic Miche Specials

 Pick Any 4  Demi Shells for  $79.00


Pick any 4 Prima shells for  $79.00

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Posted by on Jun 15, 2013

We are off to an amazing start for summer… problem is the last two month the shells have all sold out in the first week of the month.  It makes for very frustrated long time loyal customers.  I have purchased a very few of some of the most popular  shells and will be happy to offer them on a first come first serve basis.  THESE ARE NOT AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE. YOU MUST EMAIL ME TO GET THEM.



Tatum – Prima Shell $44.95

Heather Demi shell $39.95








Americana Demi Shell- New for June 2013 $39.95

Americana- Classic Shell $29.95









Americana Petite Shell $14.95

Debbie Demi Shell New for June 2013 – $39.95









Americana- Prima shell $44.95

Julia Prima (Deep Plum in Color with Black Trim- very chic very soft) $19.95








Heidi- Prima- 3 shades of Gray’s with stylish Pleating. Sale Price $29.95 (Was $44.95


Azailia- Demi shell- $34.95 New doe May








GLORY Classic Shell- Patriotic shell from 2012- last ones. $29.95

GLORY- Petite- 2012 Patriotic shell. Very Popular and only have 3 left. $18.95











KARA- Demi shell Beautiful grays and pewter, with Silver hardware. $ 39.95

MYRANDA-Demi- $39.95 Gorgeous with Brass Hardware!











Enough for now- Just know that I have a warehouse full of retired older Miche inventory-  if you have a favorite not listed here!  Email me ask and I will check and see if I have it and your all set.


I hope you enjoy this post-  leave a comment and let me know…
Thank you as always for your interest and your loyalty.


Always check the Website for current items.  WWW.JackisBagBoutique.Miche.com
















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Posted by on Jun 3, 2013

I over ordered a few  for my  special ladies that didn’t get a chance to order these Beautiful Shells.  You can only get these by Emailing me and it is 1st come first serve I only  have  1 or 2 of each.


MaryAnne-  $44.95  + Tax and Shipping UPS Ground


Heather Demi shell $39.95 + Tax and Shipping UPS Ground.


and last but certainly not least is our  fabulous  “TATUM- Prima tote!  Gorgeous in the Oh so much in demand Orange that is so popular this season.


Tatum Prima shell $44.95 + Tax and Shipping UPS Ground


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