Miche Classic Bags & Shells




NOVEMBER Winter collection brings you 3 new beautiful Classic shells to add to your Fashion statement wardrobe this winter season.  Think Rich colors, fabulous styling, and edgy detail.  You’ve got Miche !

Miche’s “Becky” Classic shell is one of the 3 new classic offerings that Miche has given us for Winter. Just now appearing Nov 1st with her deep rich green leopard faux leather design, fabulous texture and styling will surely add a touch of “fierce” to your winter wardrobe. At $24.94 she is so affordable and so attractive it’s a must have.

Miche’s “Anabell” Classic shell- WOW a gorgeous Deep rich Purple Faux Leather Croc texture with black accent pieces, buckle detailing and white contrast stitching, and she is a pull on shell giving you the end pocket you love so much.$29.95 A bargain!














Miche’s “Connie” Classic- she is a front runner already. Having taken several pre-orders for her I can tell you- GET IT NOW! she went on sale Nov 1. I suspect she will sell out quickly. $29.95 for all this gorgeous soft as butter faux leather winter white/cream classic pull on shell. The detailing is just amazing, no wonder they made her in all 4 of the popular Miche Sizes. Order soon to ensure that you get her or have her to give as a special gift.

Miche Accessory Must Have- the brand new winter white braided handles with antique brass hardware. A must have for the Miche Connie, Constance, Carolyn, Renae, Lauren, Farrah, Beverly, Hillary, and so many more $24.95

















“Jen-Copper” Miche Classic- one of the most popular shells in Miche’s young 5 yr. history. What better way to face the world than with shimmery bronze and black snakeskin textures. Neutral enough to go with everything in your wardrobe and she turns heads every time ! $24.95

“Adrian”- Miche Classic. Yooooooo Adrian…. are you in a Blue mood? It’s sapphire jewel tone gives the Adrian Shell that WOW factor. Picture her with your best white jeans , and boots, and a cool belt! Say yes to Adrian! $29.95















‘Autumn”- Miche Classic shell A Striking shade of teal that is stunning, yet understated. Subtle texturing and pleating details along with diagonal stitching lines. Pull on shell so the end pockets that you love are there for you! and she is only $29.95 while supplies last.

“Lillian”-Miche Classic Rich plum croc faux leather is fierce, yet classy. She will leave a lasting impression on everyone she meets! a beautiful way to start the day and end the night! $29.95














“Naomi”- Miche Classic shell- Casual, Sporty styling in rich shades of brown and black give off a distinctive flair. Great Neutral, perfect for call!. Naomi is on Sale for 1/2 price so $12.45! while supplies last

“Stella”- Miche Classic…Stelllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa! what a beautiful popular shell she has been! still selling like crazy and no wonder. A Creamy tan and black snakeskin pattern with a fashion forward black faux leather detailing. She gives off a shimmery silvery hue from some angles. SO when you awake and want to be classy Stella can rise to that occasion every time. $29.95 Check out the new Silver Chain handles as an added spark.

Interchangeable silver (also antique Brass available) Black or Brown fashion handles! Get you some!! $24.95










“Jayne”- Miche Classic- a long time stunner for Miche’s short 5 year History- they love the multi colored blocks, they Envision every outfit they are going to wear with her…. Keep in mind it’s Green, Yellow, Orange and Deep Purple (not Black)- AND… on sale for 1/2 price for a mere $12.45 while supplies last but hurry she is being retired soon!.

“Lynn”- Miche Classic- such a beauty- neutral shades of tan and black faux alligator texture. The center panel flaunts fall and takes you everywhere in style and heads will turn! on sale for 1/2 Price $12.45. While supplies last.















“Raquel”- Miche Classic- sooooo beautiful! no ordinary shell- Abstract animal print in shades of brown, scalloped sienna brown top panel that looks like melted caramel so soft, and the flecks of golds and shimmers will light up your day, and your nights. $29.95

“Ella”- Black Miche Classic. Ella is all about class. Everyone needs and wants the Little Black purse too… and Ella will take you out in total style with elegance and class. Faux leather alligator texture in a shiny patent. $24.95














“Erica” – Miche Classic- brings you such a fun shell- Soft gathers accented with two rows of puckered Spring Green faux leather with creamy stitching . Soft and stylish.  On Sale 1/2 Price $14.95

“Melody”- Miche Classic shell- Soft glossy lizard print faux leather in shades of cobblestone grey and offset by curving taupe colored accents . Melody is a pull on shell so you get those wonderful side pockets that are the perfect place for that cell phone. She is a must have for all your neutral wardrobe needs $29.95














“Silvia”-Miche Classic- WOW what a stunner she is- Beautifully done in elegant leopard print faux leather with glossy black patent leather accents, Front exterior zippered Pocket. $24.95

“Violet”- Miche Classic – A Crushed faux leather in aubergine offset by creamy accents and rivet details. End pockets- because?? it’s a pull on shell that’s why and you love em’! $29.95













Miche’s Chloe Shell- so classic and on sale for $12.45

“Christa”- Miche Classic. WOW What an understated stunner…. sleek faux leather in rich dark chocolate brown with meticulous stitching and chic black detailing. AND…on sale 1/2 price while supplies last: $14.95

“Chloe”- Miche Classic- Light Orange tones and striking bamboo faux leather texture with distinctive riveted logo plate. I am always being asked “Where did you get that purse when I wear her! and…. she too is on sale for 1/2 price for $12.45!!














“Tammy”- Miche Classic- Rich Russet color that is both warm and sophisticated, criss cross patterned faux leather with marbled detailing. She is a gorgeous addition to your fall line up and only $29.95

“ZOE”-Yellow- Miche Classic – these are just the most fun for $12.45! you can have it in Yellow, Green or a gorgeous Turquoise Blue! Faux leather Zebra pattern with brightly colored studded “buckle corner accents. and at $12.45 ea. you can have them in all the colors!,













“Zoe Green”- Miche Classic- these are just the most fun for $12.45! you can have it in Yellow, Green or a gorgeous Turquoise Blue! Faux leather Zebra pattern with brightly colored studded “buckle corner accents. and at $12.45 ea. you can have them in all the colors!

“Zoe-Blue” Miche Classic-these are just the most fun for $12.45! you can have it in Yellow, Green or a gorgeous Turquoise Blue! Faux leather Zebra pattern with brightly colored studded “buckle corner accents. and at $12.45 ea. you can have them in all the colors!














“Cinthia”- Miche Classic- Gorgeous Pewter metallic faux leather with a double diagonal tuxedo ruffle! So flirty, so sassy! gotta have it!!! $29.95 While supplies last

“Daisy”- Miche Classic- is this a piece of the sun or what?!!! a simple gathered design in bright sunflower faux leather, with white detailing! So uplifting, so cute! ON SALE 1/2 price $14.95 while supplies last













“Elizabeth”- Miche Classic- She has been everyone’s favorite for a long time, two of my Reps had it bought right off their arm the customer had to have it right then and there!! She is gorgeous, classy, beautiful, practical , you name it Elizabeth is a must have. Tan and Black always works! $24.95 Gert her before she retires!

“Veronica”- Miche Classic- It’s sexy, it’s gorgeous it’s a must have for those days when a girl just wants to have fun….! Hot neon Pink abstract crocodile print faux leather makes Veronica stand out in a crowd. Chic black faux leather top detailing and perfectly placed rivets complete her look. and… love those end pockets! $29.95















“Hope_Red” Classic- Our Hope Red has an edgy vibe while delivering an undeniable message of determination in the face of adversity. Faith, Hope and Love are beautifully defined in Black and White on a smooth, red faux leather background. It’s not jsut a “shell” it’s a work of art. A Portion of the proceeds from the sale of each HOPE Shell supports our Hope Initiative. $29.95

“Hope_Blue”- Miche Classic – Navy Blue Light weight canvas is screen-printed with words of encouragement, and this delightful shell is accented with textured dove grey detail at the top and bottom and has those wonderful end pockets that you love so much. Portions of Proceeds from the sale of each of our hope shells supports our Hope initiative! These are always limited editions, so if you see it and want it DO NOT WAIT,… they retire quickly. $29.95!

















“Ashton” Miche Classic- Ahhhhhhhhhh smell the ocean? No? this shell makes me feel like I am at the shore line looking at a beautiful beach! But…. the Patent Turquoise faux leather with the white wave accent is perfect for that day at the coast for a luncheon, or a first meet and greet? A Spill. no worries wipe her gently with a damp cloth and your on your way. $24.95 So Pretty!

“Kelly”- Miche Classic Amaretto faux leather with perfect pleated details makes this shell the idea choice for when your feeling soft and feminine. So soft, so neutral. Pull on shell so those fabulous end pockets that you love are there for you and…ON SALE $14.95
















“Carlie”- Miche Classic a lightly textured faux leather in snowy white with end pocket (WE LOVE THOSE) with contrasting black piping and over sized stud accents!. $29.95 and yes you can wear white after Labor Day…LOL

“Nicole”- Miche Classic- Candy Colored dar pink faux leather and contrasting white stripes. Definitely a statement piece. $29.95













“Tori”- Miche Classic – A Unique take on modern and feminine “Lumberjack Flannel Plaid” Bright “PINK” blends beautifully with rich shades of sage. Tori is a pull on shell so those side pockets that you love. ON SALE $14.95

“Sherry”- Miche Classic – Black and white abstract floral jacquard fabric already give this shell an air of elegance. Three (3) pairs of tied black buttons add a touch of whimsy. $29.95













“Claire”- Miche Classic- Ahhh Claire! One of my personal favorites- she is so gorgeous! the deep deep cerise-red faux leather with a chic Black top detail with the shiny silver logo plate. A definite must have for a fall wardrobe. $29.95

“Harper”- Miche Classic- Faux leather large scale abstract leopard print in white, black and mauve. Black stitched stripe in the front and end pockets. $29.95














“Reece”- Miche Classic. Textured Faux leather in burnt amber with two buckled belt accents in dark leather. Makes me think of Reese’s Peanut butter cups! Yummmy! Fun for fall either way and  a bargain at only $24.95

“Janelle”- Miche Classic so cute and so casual with the dark Navy and Black detailing. White Stitching and knotted tie. Cute end pockets that you love. $29.95














“Ella-Red”- Miche Classic- so classy, such a perfect Red! Tomato red? Luxurious crocodile-textured faux leather and silver plate logo. $$24.95

“Ebony”- Miche Classic- Classic black that everyone wants- faux leather Lizard print with those end pockets that you love, nice front pocket. $29.95












Miche is proud to present their very first ever   “LUXE” shell collection/  A Small offering of a very unique group of shells specially designed with extra’s for that event or time when you just  need something more….  don’t  dally with these- they are projected to be sold out by Mid October 2012!  So get the ones you want now so you won’t be disappointed.  This is a test market for Miche  so if you love them-  let us know so we can get more Luxe designs in the future.


Click here to shop all of the new Miche LUXE Collection:


*Just the classics click below on any picture to be taken to the LUXE   shopping area.

“Lucerne” Miche LUXE Classic – a soft Grey faux leather with Multi-Colored stud and grommet detailing. Each of the Miche Luxe’s come with their own custom matching handles and key fob and a beautiful dust cover for storing your Luxe shell. $69.95

“Sedona”- Miche LUXE- Classic- Rich beautiful brown in a faux leather design with antique brass chain detailing on the straps and front and back on the bag. Each one of the Miche LUXE come with their own custom matching handles and a key fob, also with a beautiful dust cover for storing your Luxe shell. $ 69.95
















“Carmel”- Miche LUXE- Classic – Think Cranberry- deep Maroon, this pictures does not depict that deep color as it should it is gorgeous!!! think of your favorite red wine! she is delicious and our most popular Luxe so far! so don’t wait!! get yours now before she is sold out! Each one of the Miche LUXE come with their own custom matching handles and a key fob, also with a beautiful dust cover for storing your Luxe $ 64.95