Mid-Size Bag MICHE Monday :: More to love with MICHE DEMI Bag… Hobo Style Bag

Posted by on Aug 29, 2011

We have been dropping hints that MICHE has new things in store for you this fall and the long awaited Mid Size or as we call it the DEMI MICHE bag will also be available for purchase at our ONLINE STORE September 1st.

If the Classic Miche Bag was too small for you, or the Big Miche Bag was too BIG, this Mid-Size or Demi size Miche Bag is bound to be just right!

This is a new base size called the DEMI MICHE BAG and they have already made 6 new stunning shells.  Check it out below and take advantage of the coupon in our previous post to apply to your order at MICHE4SANDIEGO on the 1st as well as the introductory offer that includes a strap upgrade that makes this DEMI Bag a stylish Hobo Bag.

First here is the new DEMI base and the Upgraded Strap that comes with the NEW bag as an introductory offer…

You will find all the conveniences of the Big Bag in the Demi Bag size including handy pockets inside for easy storage and new pockets on the outside of several shells.  Also this bags zips closed at the top and the extra strap makes this bag so versatile and stylish.  The strap that is Pictured is not the strap we will be giving you it’s the  Long Big bag handle,  so chic, flat and stylish.  Lays at the perfect length.  No Picture is available of just the strap at this time.  (Working on that)

MICHE Adjustable Strap

MICHE Demi Base Bag









Now look at these gorgeous new shells you can choose from…

MICHE Demi Felicity

MICHE Demi Dawn








MICHE Demi Janet

MICHE Demi Karie









MICHE Demi Lisa

MICHE Demi Sharon









Happy Monday!


P.S. Don’t forget to come back on the September 1st to get your New Release and to sweeten the deal you can email us for a $5 coupon.  Just follow directions below!

We will also email you a $5.00 OFF COUPON WHEN YOU SIGN UP AS A MICHE4SANDIEGO CUSTOMER. Just visit our online store, and sign up as a customer with your email and password. Then send us an email at Miche4SanDiego@Gmail.com with “$5 Dollar Coupon” in the subject line and your name.  Within 24 hours we will email you a coupon code for $5.00 off your next purchase.  You should receive this code by email within 24 hours and let the MICHE shopping begin VISIT THE ONLINE STORE NOW… to receive your coupon code by email!