Become A MICHE Rep

Becoming A MICHE Rep…

Do you get compliments and questions about your MICHE Handbag?
Are you looking for an easy, fun affordable way to supplement your income?
Would you like to work from home or have a more flexible schedule?

The best and most successful MICHE representatives are MICHE customers who love their handbags and all the possibilities that go with the interchangeable shells and accessories.  They look forward to the new releases every month… and they can’t wait to show them off.

Even if you are just learning about MICHE today,  you can see how smart and lucrative it could be to get involved in the 4 year old company that is growing leaps and bounds.   Many people are just learning about MICHE and the excitement is contagious and the good news is, that it is not saturated like many other opportunities out there today.

You can become a Customer and or a Representative in just moments and have a growing business in just minutes.

What we are looking for:

There are many ways to become a MICHE  Rep.  Here are some of the advantages and requirements for becoming part of the Miche 4 San Diego Team.

  • We train and support MICHE representatives in Southern California, extending to all parts of California with rare exceptions outside of this area.  We are happy to refer if you are outside this area.
  • You can start your business for as little as $199 to $499 investment.  This is for product that you own and can sell or use to demonstrate the MICHE Handbags and all it’s possibilities.
  • The commission structure is generous and very straightforward.
  • We offer training, support and incentives to help keep you motivated and making the most of this opportunity.
  • We have a great team of MICHE Representatives already in place.   They are very supportive and professional and happy to help our New MICHE Reps get started.
  • There are no quotas, levels to reach or recruiting, just you getting what you give to your MICHE business.

Please call us or contact us online if becoming a MICHE Representative interests you.  We can answer your questions and help you determine if this is the right opportunity for you!

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